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Discipline: History

Question topic: Latin American Modernism

Source: Originais Teachy

Level of difficulty: Medium

(Originais Teachy 2023) - Question Medium of History

After the territorial disputes in North America, the United States came to have a defined border. By which rivers was this border established?
By the Mississippi River, Colorado River, and Rio Grande River.
By the Mississippi River, Colorado River, and Missouri River.
By the Mississippi River, Colorado River, and Gila River.
By the Mississippi River, Gila River, and Missouri River.
By the Mississippi River, Rio Bravo, and Rio Grande.


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Latin American Modernism
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The expression Big Stick was coined by President Theodore Roosevelt to describe his country's policy in Latin America, which consisted of the right to interfere in the region's internal affairs to ensure economic and political stability, through the use of military force when necessary. What is understood by the use of military force in this situation?
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Latin American Modernism, a movement that emerged during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, was characterized by a unique blend of influences from European modernism and traditional indigenous cultures. This movement had a profound impact on the region's literature, visual arts, and music, shaping a distinct cultural identity. Notable figures such as Rubén Darío and José Martí played instrumental roles in spreading these ideas. With this context in mind, evaluate the impact of Latin American Modernism on the region's cultural development and identity formation. What were the main challenges faced by the movement and how did it overcome them to significantly shape Latin America's cultural landscape?
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Source: UFU
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What was the impact of European colonization on the indigenous peoples of Brazil?
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