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Discipline: Physics

Question topic: Simple Harmonic Oscillators

Source: Originais Teachy

Level of difficulty: Medium

(Originais Teachy 2023) - Question Medium of Physics

A simple pendulum is set up in a physics laboratory to determine the local acceleration due to gravity. The object suspended on the pendulum is displaced from its equilibrium position and released. It is observed that the pendulum completes one cycle with a period (T) of 2 seconds and a maximum amplitude of oscillation of 10 cm. Considering that the motion of the suspended object is Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM), answer the following questions. a) Determine the equation of SHM that describes the displacement of the object as a function of time. b) Calculate the maximum velocity of the object during its oscillation. c) Find the local acceleration due to gravity using the results from the previous questions and the formula for the period of a simple pendulum.


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During a visit to a physics laboratory, the students observed an experiment with a simple pendulum. The pendulum consists of a string of length L and a small sphere at the end. The pendulum starts to oscillate smoothly after being displaced from its initial position. First, investigate the relationship between the period of oscillation (T) and the length of the string (L). Then, determine the value of gravity (g) in the region where the pendulum is located, knowing the length of the string and the period of oscillation measured during the experiment. Finally, calculate the length of the string if a different period of oscillation is desired.
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