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Empower your teachers. Automate processes.

Attract students. Reduce costs. Join over 30K schools.

Safe for your students, control for your teachers.

AI tools to manage, communicate and engage your school in a secure, personalized and individual way.

A platform worth 10.

A platform worth 10.

All pedagogical tools in just one application.

Learning like a lego.

Learning like a lego.

You build your experience your way.

Your entire school community in one place.

Your entire school community in one place.

Materials, calendars, classes, content, corrections and much more.

10 in 1. Simplify with Teachy.

Transform your school with a single integrated tool worth 10.

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Your happiest teachers.

Teachers spend 10x less time with Teachy and have access to far superior materials.

Prof. Tonin
Mathematics Teacher

I have a wonderful experience with Teachy, it makes my job much easier, speeds things up and is very easy to use.

Marcio Antonio
Geography Teacher

I used AI tools to create a new activity and there was an improvement in learning and in my teaching practice. With Teachy, I develop materials of quality, diversified and attractive for all students.

Luciano Legi
Physics Teacher

Teachy helps me in the development of more complete educational projects and its virtual classrooms where I can level the students and develop a ranking of skills and competencies worked!

Monizze Ferreira
Geography Teacher

I loved your platform, the technology is amazing and has everything in one place!

Professor Arthur
History Teacher

Teachy helped me in the preparation of several materials of other content with suggestions of activities and to complement the teachers' work!

Paula Nascimento
Elementary School Teacher

Having access to a lesson plan makes my life much easier, and access to the database with videos and other materials saves me a lot of time.

Data-Driven Learning

Performance, evolution and performance in individual and personalized panels.

data based learning
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