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Imagine you are a scientist studying a newly discovered plant species on a remote island. The plant has a unique feature: it can survive in complete darkness and appears to lack the green pigment chlorophyll common in other plants. Based on your understanding of the Kingdom Plantae, what implications might this unique characteristic have on the classification of this new plant species within this kingdom and its process of survival without photosynthesis, considering that plants are generally autotrophic?
The unique characteristics of this new plant species could have significant implications for its classification within the Kingdom Plantae.
The plant's unique characteristics have no implications for its classification within the Kingdom Plantae.
The plant's ability to survive in complete darkness indicates that it belongs to a different kingdom entirely, not the Kingdom Plantae.
The plant's survival in complete darkness means it must be a type of fungi, not a plant.
The absence of chlorophyll suggests that this plant species is actually a type of animal.


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