Question about Methods to Reduce Air Pollutants

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Methods to Reduce Air Pollutants


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The city of Metropolis has been experiencing high levels of air pollution due to industrial activities and increased use of vehicles. As a member of the city's Environmental Protection Committee, you are tasked with proposing effective methods to reduce the levels of these harmful air pollutants. What would be an effective strategy to decrease the amount of harmful substances in the air in Metropolis?
Implementing stricter regulations on industries, promoting the use of renewable energy sources, encouraging sustainable practices, reducing vehicle use, promoting electric or hybrid vehicles, enforcing stricter emissions standards, and educating the public about the effects of air pollution and how to reduce it.
Increasing the number of industries and vehicles in the city to boost the economy, without any environmental regulations.
Relocating all industries and residents to another city to avoid pollution in Metropolis.
Ignoring the issue and hoping it will resolve itself over time.
Banning all industrial activities and vehicles in the city to eliminate pollution.


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