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Consider the Mercantilist system, dominant in Europe from the 16th to the 18th centuries, which stressed governmental control of trade, amassing wealth via exports, and the formation of colonies to secure resources and markets. Imagine a hypothetical situation where a country, under the influence of Mercantilist principles, discovers a new land rich in resources yet inhabited by a civilization with a different socio-cultural structure. How should this country approach their dealings with this newfound territory in accordance with the principles of Mercantilism, and what possible impacts could this approach have on both the native civilization and the home country's economy?
The country discovering the new land should seek to establish control over the territory, extract resources, and incorporate the native civilization into their economic system. This approach could have significant impacts on the native civilization, disrupting their traditional way of life and potentially subjecting them to exploitation or violence, while also providing them with access to new goods and technologies. For the home country, this approach could lead to positive economic impacts, such as increased wealth and trade, but also negative impacts, such as conflicts with other countries and social unrest resulting from the exploitation of the native civilization.
The country discovering the new land should avoid any interaction with the native civilization, focusing solely on extracting resources. This approach could lead to a rapid depletion of resources, potentially causing environmental damage and economic instability in the home country.
The country discovering the new land should seek to establish a peaceful coexistence with the native civilization, without attempting to extract resources or establish control. This approach could lead to a mutual exchange of goods and ideas, but might not significantly increase the wealth or trade of the home country.
The country discovering the new land should seek to assimilate the native civilization into their own culture, without focusing on resource extraction or trade. This approach could lead to cultural homogenization and potential resistance from the native civilization, without significantly benefiting the home country's economy.
The country discovering the new land should seek to establish a military dictatorship over the territory, suppressing the native civilization and focusing solely on resource extraction. This approach could lead to violent conflicts and human rights abuses, potentially damaging the home country's international reputation and causing social unrest.


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