Question about Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation


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Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation


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During a space mission, an astronaut's spacecraft approaches a small asteroid in space. The astronaut wonders about the gravitational forces present in the system composed of his spacecraft and the asteroid and decides to perform some calculations. Knowing that the spacecraft has a mass of 1,000 kg and the asteroid has a mass of 2,000 kg, and the distance between the center of mass of the spacecraft and the asteroid is 50 meters: a) Calculate the gravitational force exerted between the spacecraft and the asteroid. b) If the spacecraft releases an object weighing 100 kg at a distance of 50 meters from the asteroid, what will be the gravitational force exerted between the object and the asteroid? c) Explain which of the objects, the spacecraft or the 100 kg object, will feel a greater gravitational force in relation to the asteroid and why.


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