Question about Electrical Conductors and Insulators



Electrical Conductors and Insulators


(ENEM 2020) - Question Easy of Physics

There are many myths regarding how to protect yourself from lightning, covering mirrors and not touching knives, forks, and other metal objects, for example. But in fact, if there is a thunderstorm with lightning, some precautions are important, such as avoiding open environments. A good shelter for protection is the interior of a car, provided it is not a convertible. (OLIVEIRA, A. Lightning in summer storms. Available at: http://cienciahoje.uol.com.br. Accessed on: Dec 10, 2014 (adapted)). What is the physical reason for the protection provided by cars, as mentioned in the text?
Shielding provided by the metal body.
Electrical insulation of the tires.
Grounding through the battery's ground wire.
Water drainage through the bodywork.
Lightning rod effect of the antenna.


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