Question bank: Areas of Parallelograms and Squares

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Question 1:


During the holidays, João decided to build a small soccer field in the backyard of his house to play with his friends. The field is square-shaped and João used a 48-meter rope to delimit the entire perimeter of the field. However, in order to determine the amount of grass he will need to buy, João needs to know the exact area of the soccer field he built. How can he calculate this area knowing only the perimeter measurement?
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Question 2:


Joana is helping her father renovate their kitchen. They plan to install tiles on the floor, forming a perfect square. The kitchen is 4 meters wide and 4 meters long. a) What is the total area of the kitchen in square meters? b) If each tile measures 0.2 meters on each side, how many tiles will be needed to cover the entire floor area? c) If the price of each tile is R$ 1.50, what will be the total cost of the tiles to cover the kitchen area?
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Question 3:


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Question 4:


During an expedition through the Sahara Desert, a team of archaeologists discovered an ancient lost city. Inside it, a perfect square was found carved into the floor of one of the houses, probably used for some kind of ritual. After careful measurement, the archaeologists determined that the perimeter of the square was 16 meters. To conduct a more in-depth study, the team needs to calculate the area of this square. How could they determine the area of this square carved only knowing the measurement of its perimeter?
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Question 5:


Leonardo is painting his room and realizes that his white board, in the shape of a square, needs an extra coat of paint. Knowing that each side of the white board is 30cm, how many square meters of paint will be needed for two coats? Calculate the total amount of paint, considering that the area of the square should be calculated twice.
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