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Question 1:


Capacitors can be classified into three main types: monolithic, tantalum or polyester, with each type being ideal for certain applications due to their individual characteristics, such as size, cost and thermal stability. What are the main characteristics of monolithic capacitors?
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Question 2:

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Question 3:


An electric circuit has a parallel plate capacitor used to store energy and supply the system's demand when necessary. This capacitor is filled with a dielectric material with a dielectric constant k=4 and has plates with an area of 200 cm², separated by a distance of 2 mm. a) Calculate the capacitance of this capacitor considering the presence of the dielectric. b) If the capacitor is charged by a 12V battery, what is the energy stored in the capacitor? c) Considering the efficiency and sustainability of the system, how can the circuit components be optimized to improve the efficiency of energy distribution?
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Question 4:


A technology company is working on building a spherical capacitor to store energy in a new sustainable device. The spherical capacitor has an inner sphere with radius R1 and an outer sphere with radius R2, where R2 is greater than R1. The inner sphere has a charge Q and the outer sphere has a charge -Q. Considering the electric permittivity in vacuum ε0 and the values above, calculate the capacitance C of the spherical capacitor.
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Question 5:


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