Question bank: Electrical Conductors and Insulators

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Question 1:


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Question 2:


Explain what conductors and insulators are and give examples of materials that fall into these categories. Then, imagine that you need to build a simple electrical circuit using a conductor wire and a light bulb. What would happen if you used an insulated copper wire instead of a conductor copper wire? Justify your answer based on the properties of the materials.
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Question 3:


A company specializing in electrical wiring is developing a new project for a commercial building, and they need to choose suitable materials for conducting electricity and insulation in their installations. Considering your knowledge about conductors and insulators, analyze the following situations: a) The company has the option of using copper or aluminum for the cables that will conduct electricity. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of each of these materials and indicate which would be the best choice. b) To insulate the electrical cables, the company has chosen to use PVC or rubber. Compare the properties of these materials and justify which would be the most suitable choice for electrical insulation in the context of the commercial building. c) Provide a safe and sustainable solution for the disposal of metallic and insulating materials after the end of the useful life of the installations, taking into account the local and daily context.
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Question 4:


Is it possible to use insulating materials to control the flow of electrons, enabling the use of electricity in various devices?
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Question 5:


There are many myths about how to protect yourself from lightning, such as covering mirrors and not touching knives, forks, and other metal objects, for example. But in fact, if there is a thunderstorm with lightning, some precautions are important, such as avoiding open environments. A good shelter for protection is the interior of a car, provided it is not a convertible. OLIVEIRA, A. Lightning in summer storms. Available at: Accessed on Dec 10, 2014. Adapted. What is the physical reason for the protection provided by cars, as mentioned in the text?
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