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Question 1:


Which of the following types of energy has the largest share in the Brazilian electric matrix?
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Question 2:


What is the objective of studying energy matrices in Geography and how is it possible to evaluate the socio-environmental impacts of these production chains?
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Question 3:


What are the main differences between the Brazilian energy matrix and the world energy matrix?
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Question 4:


The energy matrices are the basis for energy production in a country and can be made up of renewable and non-renewable sources. Currently, Brazil and the world face challenges to ensure sustainability and reduce the negative impacts of natural resource exploitation. Based on this context, identify and explain the three main non-renewable energy matrices used in Brazil and the world. In addition, discuss the dangers that these matrices represent to the environment and how their consequences affect the lives of local populations and sustainability.
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Question 5:


The Brazilian energy matrix has been directly influenced by public policies to promote renewable energy sources. In the global context, how is this trend occurring?
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