Question bank: Evolution: Adaptation and Environmental Change

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Question 1:


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Question 2:


The process of gene drift can lead to the formation of new adaptive characteristics and the extinction of other non-adaptive characteristics within populations, as genes in these groups can be lost due to changes in allele frequency and accidental mutations in existing genes. What is the main cause of this process?
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Question 4:


Charles Darwin, through natural selection, and Alfred Russel Wallace, developed the theory of evolution of species. One of the fundamental principles of this theory is adaptation to the environment. When analyzing the evolution of animals in different ecosystems, such as finches in the Galapagos Islands, what is most likely in terms of the evolution of animal characteristics?
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Question 5:


Another important evidence to prove the theory of evolution are the fossil remains found in the oldest geological layers, which show that there was a great diversity on Earth millions of years ago and that this diversity has changed over time. What are fossil remains?
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