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Question 1:


Imagine that you are a meteorologist studying global wind patterns. You know that these patterns are largely driven by solar heating and Earth's rotation. Using your knowledge of these factors, explain how the large-scale movements of air around Earth occur and how they influence our daily weather.
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Question 2:


Imagine that you are a meteorologist working at a weather forecasting station. One day, you notice an unusual pattern in your data: the atmospheric pressure is rapidly decreasing, humidity is increasing, and there is a significant decrease in temperature. At the same time, you notice that the wind speed is increasing. Based on your understanding of scientific principles and the variables involved in weather forecasting, what meteorological phenomenon do these data suggest is approaching?
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Question 3:


Climatology is the science responsible for studying the climate and its variations, encompassing aspects such as temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity, and winds. Knowledge of these elements is essential for weather forecasting. Which of the following alternatives points to the correct combination of variables to obtain weather forecasting?
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Question 4:


Imagine you are a meteorologist tasked with predicting weather patterns for different regions around the world. Your understanding of global wind patterns is crucial in forecasting these weather conditions. Considering this, explain how the large-scale movements of air, driven by solar heating and the planet's rotation, affect the climate and weather patterns of a region.
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Question 5:


Based on the information about climatology, what would be a good practice to contribute to the environment?
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