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Question 1:


You are a chemist working in a laboratory where you frequently use different types of bases for your experiments. You notice that when you mix a base with an acid, it often results in the formation of a salt and water. Can you explain, based on your knowledge of inorganic functions: bases, why this reaction occurs?
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Question 2:


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Question 3:


During a research on nomenclature of bases for a scientific dissemination project, Maria came across several chemical formulas of bases and found herself challenged to name them correctly. Considering the following bases: (1) NaOH, (2) Mg(OH)2 and (3) Al(OH)3. a) Identify the cation and anion present in each base. b) Write the names of the bases using the correct nomenclature. c) Classify the bases according to the valence of the cations (monovalent, divalent or trivalent) present.
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Question 4:


Ana, a chemistry student, was reading a scientific article about the applications of bases in everyday life. During the reading, she came across a base formula: KOH. What is the name of this base, according to the IUPAC nomenclature rules?
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Question 5:


Bases are compounds that, when dissolved in water, release OH- ions. They have various applications in industry and are present in our daily lives. However, some can be dangerous. Considering a base with the formula NaOH, what is the nomenclature of this base and what precautions should be taken when handling it?
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