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Question 1:


During the 15th century, Portugal and Spain led the European maritime expansion, seeking to reach new trade routes and expand their territorial possessions. In the context of the Great Navigations, which treaty established, in 1494, the division of the lands of the New World between the two nations?
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Question 2:


During the European Maritime Expansion, Portugal was at the forefront of other European countries in maritime exploration, having established trade routes to Asia, Africa, and South America. However, the Portuguese were also responsible for numerous tragic events with the indigenous populations of these regions, such as enslavement, genocide, and the destruction of ancient cultures. What can be said about the role of the Portuguese in this historical process?
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Question 3:


In the 15th century, the European maritime expansion originated from different motivations, which led nations to explore the ocean in search of new routes and territories. Among these motivations, which one does NOT directly relate to the European maritime expansion?
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Question 4:


What were the main objectives of the Modern Nation States in the context of the European Maritime Expansion?
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Question 5:


During the 15th and 16th centuries, the European Maritime Expansion was characterized by the exploration of the American, African, and Asian continents. From this process, several commercial agreements were established between different regions, resulting in the development of important production chains. What was the main type of trade developed during the European Maritime Expansion?
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