Question bank: Migratory Flows

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Question 1:


Africa has a wide variety of climates, which can be divided into three major groups: tropical, subtropical, and temperate. The tropical climate is characterized by high temperatures throughout the year and abundant rainfall in some regions. What are the main characteristics of the subtropical climate?
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Question 2:


The process of formation of the continents is related to the theory of plate tectonics. This theory states that the lithosphere is formed by plates that move due to internal forces of the Earth, which causes the formation of the continents. Which of these movements of the lithospheric plates is responsible for the formation of mountain ranges?
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Question 3:


Our municipality is characterized by a great cultural and ethnic diversity, partly due to the different migratory flows throughout its history. Considering this panorama and the importance of diversity and inclusion in our society, (1) describe the main groups of migrants and their cultural contributions to our municipality, and (2) suggest initiatives that could be taken at the local level to further promote inclusion and respect for diversity.
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Question 4:


Who is the current president of the United States?
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Question 5:

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During millions of years the continents separated through the movement of these tectonic plates until they reached the current configuration known as Pangea Ultima. What was the geological event responsible for the separation of the continents?
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