Question bank: Nationalism as Political Ideology

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Question 1:


Explain the main elements that characterize totalitarian regimes in Europe, indicating their main leaders, ideologies, and political practices. In addition, point out the main social, economic, and cultural consequences of these regimes for the European populations that experienced this historical period.
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Question 2:


In his book 'Nationalism: Its Meaning and History', historian Hans Kohn describes Nationalism as 'an ideology that expresses the love and devotion towards a nation, and the shared sense of an individual's national identity'. Based on Kohn's description and your understanding of Nationalism as a political ideology, how would you explain the impact of Nationalism on the process of nation-building during the 19th century, particularly in terms of promoting self-determination, cultural preservation, and national pride?
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Question 3:


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Question 4:


Nationalism has been a defining ideology in political history, shaping nations and fostering a sense of identity among people. A quote from Carlton Hayes, a renowned historian, states: 'Nationalism is a feeling of superiority over foreigners...a sort of intensified patriotism or patriotism...on the offensive.' Considering his statement and your understanding of nationalism as a political ideology, analyze how nationalism can influence the political stability and cultural identity of a nation. In your analysis, consider the potential positive and negative outcomes, as well as the long-term implications for a country's global relations and internal cohesion.
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Question 5:


The period of the Weimar Republic was marked by the growth of German nationalism, which culminated in the rise of the Nazi Party to the chancellorship in 1933. However, some groups opposed Nazi ideas during this period, organizing demonstrations against the regime in various sectors of German society. What were these groups?
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