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Question 1:


The lithosphere of our Earth is divided into large pieces known as tectonic plates. These plates interact with each other causing significant geological events such as earthquakes, volcanoes, and mountain building. Based on your understanding of tectonic plate theory, explain how the movement and interaction of these plates can lead to the formation of major geographical features.
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Question 2:


The continents were formed from the theory of continental drift, created by Alfred Wegener, which proposed that all continents were originally united in a single supercontinent called Pangaea. This theory explains how Pangaea split apart and how the continents separated?
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Question 3:


The theory of Continental Drift proposed by Alfred Wegener suggests that the continents move over time due to forces acting on the Earth's crust. Take a close look at the shape of the eastern coast of South America and the western coast of Africa. Explain why the shape of these coasts can be considered as valid evidence for the theory of Continental Drift.
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Question 4:


Imagine you are an environmental scientist tasked with predicting the likelihood of seismic activity in a specific region. Your understanding of tectonic plate boundaries and their interactions plays a pivotal role in this task. How would the interactions between tectonic plates influence the frequency and magnitude of earthquakes in the region under your study?
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Question 5:


The Pangea was originally a single supercontinent formed by the current continents and others that no longer exist. How did the separation of these continents occur?
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