Question bank: Thermodynamic: Gas Law and changes

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Question 1:


A balloon is filled with helium gas at an initial pressure of 1 atmosphere and a volume of 10 m³, at a temperature of 27°C. The balloon is then taken to an altitude where the pressure and temperature change, becoming 0.5 atmospheres and 15°C, respectively. Considering that helium behaves as an ideal gas, determine the new volume of the balloon under these conditions. (Consider the ideal gas constant R = 8.31 J/mol K)
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Question 2:


What is the PVT diagram?
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Question 3:


Using the general gas equation, determine the pressure, volume, and temperature of 2 moles of an ideal gas that occupies a volume of 5 liters.
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Question 4:


A cylindrical container contains a gas that exerts a pressure of 2 atm on its inner surface. If the base area of the cylinder is 0.02 m², what is the force exerted by the gas on the base of the cylinder?
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Question 5:


The general equation of a gas allows to relate the variation of pressure with the variation of temperature, and these variations can be described by a mathematical expression that depends on some constants. Which of these constants is responsible for directly influencing the speed of the gas particles?
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