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The indifferent equilibrium is the situation in which internal and external forces cancel each other out, that is, when they have the same intensities and opposite directions. For example, in the case of a person standing on a flat surface, the person's weight is counterbalanced by the normal force exerted by the surface on the person's feet. Which of the following is a characteristic of indifferent equilibrium?
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A catapult is an example of a lever, a mechanical device that facilitates work by applying a kind of counterweight at the other end of the arm. In this case, let's consider it to be a catapult with a 5-meter arm and a 3-meter length on the loaded part and 2 meters on the counterweight part. If we have a project in which the load that the catapult must launch has a mass of 300 kg and we need to find out the mass of the counterweight needed to balance this catapult. What would be the amount of counterweight needed for this?
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Question 4:


When it comes to the torque of a torque, it is possible to affirm that there are three factors that directly influence its value: the external force, the angle formed between the force and the position vector, and the length of the position vector. Which of the options below do not influence the value of the torque?
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Question 5:


What is the torque of a force and how to calculate it? Explain in detail and present a mathematical formula for it. Also, give an example of a situation where calculating the torque of a force is necessary to solve a problem in Physics.
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