Question bank: Trigonometric Identities

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Question 1:


Explain what is the fundamental relationship of trigonometry and how it can be used to calculate sines and cosines. In addition, mention other fundamental relationships of trigonometry and how they can be applied to simplify or solve expressions involving sines, cosines, and tangents.
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Question 2:

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Question 3:


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Question 4:


In a science fair, a Ferris wheel was set up to promote studies on the variation curves of sine and cosine. The participating students must use the sine function to determine the height of the highest point of the wheel as a function of the angle and the height of the axis (the midpoint of the Ferris wheel). Considering that the height of the Ferris wheel axis is 5 meters and its radius is 4 meters, determine the function that describes the height of the highest point of the wheel as a function of the angle x. Consider the angles in radians.
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Question 5:


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