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Discipline: Arts

Question topic: Romanticism Art

Source: Originais Teachy

Level of difficulty: Medium

(Originais Teachy 2023) - Question Medium of Arts



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During the 19th century, the artistic movements of Romanticism and Realism emerged as responses to the social, political, and aesthetic changes of the time. Romanticism emphasized emotions and imagination, while Realism sought to portray reality in an objective manner. Taking into consideration the main artists and works of each movement, discuss (1) how the historical context influenced the emergence of these two artistic currents, (2) what are the main stylistic characteristics of each one, and (3) how these movements dialogue and compete for legitimacy in their respective productions.
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The Maya civilization, known for its vibrant murals, detailed sculptures, and intricate carvings, often depicted religious rituals, mythology, and historical events through their artwork. They also incorporated hieroglyphic writing and intricate symbolism into their pieces. With this in mind, how would you analyze a piece of Maya art that depicts a historical event, considering elements such as symbolism and the presence of hieroglyphics?
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Question 4:


Islamic art, representing the faith and Muslim culture, developed from the 7th century onwards and encompasses various aesthetic elements such as calligraphy, geometry, and nature. Therefore, which of the following characteristics is considered a main element in Islamic art and can be observed in various examples of this art, such as mosque design and decorative objects? The predominant use of dark and somber colors. The frequent representation of human figures. The use of intricate and geometric patterns. The presence of images of mythological animals. The exclusive focus on religious themes.
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