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Discipline: Biology

Question topic: Evolution: Adaptation and Environmental Change

Source: CEDERJ

Level of difficulty: Easy

(CEDERJ 2020) - Question Easy of Biology



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Source: CEDERJ
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The theory of evolution was developed based on experiments conducted by Charles Darwin during his voyage aboard the Beagle ship, where he observed the biological diversity existing on distant islands in the Pacific Ocean, such as the Galapagos, where he found many varieties of terrestrial and marine turtles that were similar but had distinct physical characteristics, such as size and shell shape. Why do these animals have distinct physical characteristics?
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In the Amazon rainforest, there exists a species of bird known as the 'Clay Lick Parrot.' These parrots are known for their peculiar behavior of regularly consuming clay from riverbanks, which many researchers believe helps them neutralize toxins in their diet. Over a period of time, it is observed that the regions with clay riverbanks have a higher population of these birds compared to regions without. Additionally, these birds show a distinct physiological change with stronger beak and digestive enzymes as compared to other parrots. Considering these observations, propose an explanation based on principles of adaptation and environmental change. How does this behavior and physiological changes signify the parrot's adaptation to its environment, and what could be the potential evolutionary implications?
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A group of students observed a closed ecological system containing only rabbits, grass, and a few predators in a lab simulation. Despite the limited resources, the rabbit population remained relatively steady, the grass was consistently available, and the predators kept their numbers. However, the students noticed that when the number of predators was reduced, the rabbit population increased rapidly, leading to a decrease in the grass. Based on this observation, what can be inferred about the relationship and interaction between these organisms in the ecosystem?
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