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Discipline: Biology

Question topic: Sustainability

Source: FAMERP

Level of difficulty: Medium

(FAMERP 2022) - Question Medium of Biology



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Source: FAMERP
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A small town is planning to build a new factory that will provide jobs and boost the local economy. However, the factory will also produce waste materials that could potentially harm the local ecosystem if not handled correctly. Considering the principles of sustainability, what strategies should the town consider to ensure the factory’s operations will not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their own needs?
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Consider a hypothetical city planning scenario. The city's population is booming and the demand for more residential and commercial spaces is high. However, the only area left for potential development is a natural wetland. This wetland is home to a number of species and plays a vital role in water purification. The city planners are faced with a dilemma: Should they prioritize the immediate economic benefits and the growing needs of the population or the long-term environmental sustainability? Based on your understanding of sustainability, what factors should the city planners consider before making their decision?
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Consider a hypothetical ecosystem where there are two types of plants: one that reproduces sexually via flowers and seeds, and another that reproduces asexually via runners. If a sudden change in the environment made pollinators scarce and the soil less fertile, how would you predict the reproduction and spread of these two types of plants would be affected, and why? Use your understanding of the characteristics and advantages of both sexual and asexual reproduction in plants to justify your prediction.
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