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Discipline: History

Question topic: Mercantilism: Advanced

Source: IFRR

Level of difficulty: Medium

(IFRR 2020) - Question Medium of History



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Source: IFRR
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During the period known as the European Maritime Expansion, between the 15th and 17th centuries, several European countries began their expeditions across the oceans with the aim of establishing trade routes and expanding their territories. In this context, the search for new routes for the spice trade was one of the main impulses to promote maritime voyages. Considering the motivations and consequences of maritime expansion, (1) develop a hypothesis on how European maritime expansion contributed to the development of the nations involved in this process, based on the evidence found; (2) analyze the population dynamics involving the mobility and settlement of people, human groups, and peoples, highlighting the effects of political, economic, social, religious, and cultural events; and (3) compare the dualistic views of territory in different societies, contextualizing and relativizing such perceptions during the European maritime expansion process.
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During the European maritime expansion, the Portuguese were pioneers in discovering routes to the East, establishing important trade routes with various countries. However, these expeditions also caused significant environmental impacts in several regions of the world. What were some of these impacts?
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What was the impact of European colonization on the indigenous peoples of Brazil?
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