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Discipline: Physics

Question topic: Electrodynamics: Introduction

Source: ENEM

Level of difficulty: Medium

(ENEM 2022) - Question Medium of Physics

In order to classify the best routes in a traffic application, a researcher proposes a model based on electrical circuits. In this model, the current represents the number of cars that pass through a point on the track in a 1-second interval. The potential difference (p.d.) corresponds to the amount of energy per car required for a 1-meter displacement. Analogous to Ohm's law, each road is classified by its resistance, with the highest resistance indicating the most congested road. The application displays the routes in ascending order, that is, from the route with the lowest resistance to the one with the highest resistance. As a test for the system, three possible routes are used for a trip from A to B, with the values of p.d. and current as shown in the table. In this test, the ordering of the routes indicated by the application will be:
Question illustration
1, 2, 3.
1, 3, 2.
2, 1, 3.
3, 1, 2.
3, 2, 1.


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Electrodynamics: Introduction
Source: ENEM
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