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Discipline: Physics

Question topic: Geometric and Physical Optics: Refraction, Reflection, and Absorption


Level of difficulty: Easy

(SINGAPORE-JC 2010) - Question Easy of Physics

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The laws of reflection are used to explain various luminous phenomena, such as light reflected in a flat mirror, for example. According to these laws, which of the following statements is true?
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Imagine that a student is conducting an experiment in the physics laboratory, observing the reflection of light in a plane mirror. He positions an incident ray of light on the mirror and observes the formation of the reflected ray. Considering this context, answer: a) Write the law of reflection and explain how it applies to the student's experiment. b) Suppose the student measured an incidence angle of 35°. Calculate the angle of reflection and show the relationship between them. c) Describe how the student could perform the experiment using a protractor and a ruler to measure and demonstrate that the angle of incidence and the angle of reflection are equal.
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During winter, a group of friends decided to take a camping trip up in the mountains. They set up a campfire to keep warm and cooked their food over the open flames. Considering the three methods of heat transfer - conduction, convection, and radiation - explain how each of these principles plays a role in this camping scenario?
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