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Discipline: Physics

Question topic: Thermodynamics Laws

Source: Originais Teachy

Level of difficulty: Medium

(Originais Teachy 2023) - Question Medium of Physics

In general terms, the Second Law of Thermodynamics establishes that heat flows spontaneously from the hotter body to the colder body, thus forming a thermal equilibrium between the two bodies. Which of the statements below does not refer to this law?
Once thermal equilibrium is reached, no temperature difference can be detected between the bodies and no other form of energy can be transferred between them.
Once thermal equilibrium is reached, no temperature difference can be detected between the bodies.
Heat flows spontaneously from the colder body to the hotter body until a thermal equilibrium is established between them.
The temperature of the two bodies will tend to equalize if no other form of energy is transferred between them.
When there is a significant difference between the temperatures of the two bodies, the thermal flux will tend to establish until they are equal.


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Thermodynamics Laws
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