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Discipline: Physics

Question topic: Torque and Angular Momentum

Source: Originais Teachy

Level of difficulty: Medium

(Originais Teachy 2023) - Question Medium of Physics

An engineer is designing a theater with a large concrete slab suspended from the ceiling. The slab is 6 meters long and 2 meters wide. It is supported at two points A and B, both located 1 meter from the side edges. One of the support points is fixed, while the other can move up and down. a) Explain what is necessary for the slab to be in static equilibrium. b) Calculate the force that the movable support point must exert to keep the slab in static equilibrium, if the mass of the slab is 750 kg. c) Discuss briefly the possible consequences of not using the principles of statics in the construction of such structures.


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Torque and Angular Momentum
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In a construction, a worker uses a uniform beam of 6 meters in length and 120 kg in mass as a walkway to cross a trench. The beam is supported at its ends and the worker walks slowly across it. Assuming the beam is in equilibrium and considering the acceleration due to gravity as 10 m/s², answer the following items: (a) Determine the forces acting on each end of the beam when the worker, with a mass of 80 kg, is exactly in the middle of it. (b) Calculate the support forces at each end of the beam when the worker is 2 meters from end A. (c) Describe a situation that poses a risk to the worker's physical integrity in this activity and suggest safety measures that could be taken to prevent accidents.
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João is conducting a Physics experiment in his room with a flat mirror and a beam of light. He positioned the mirror inclined relative to the beam of light. When the mirror is rotated at a specific angle, the reflected beam of light moves and hits a different point on the wall. Given that the mirror is rotated 30° clockwise from its initial position, calculate the rotation angle of the reflected beam and the new position of the reflected beam. a) Determine the rotation angle of the reflected beam when the mirror is rotated 30° clockwise. b) If the wall is 2 meters away from the mirror and the reflected beam of light initially hits a point 1 meter high, calculate the new height of the point hit by the reflected beam of light on the wall after the mirror rotation. c) Calculate the horizontal distance between the initial position of the reflected beam on the wall and the new position after the mirror rotation.
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