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Discipline: Chemistry

Question topic: Density of a Body

Source: FATEC

Level of difficulty: Medium

(FATEC 2013) - Question Medium of Chemistry



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Source: FATEC
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Question 1:


During a school excursion in a park, the students decided to conduct a scientific experiment to learn about the density of objects. They collected various objects made of different materials, such as wood, plastic, iron, and styrofoam. They want to find out which of these objects will float or sink when placed in water. Therefore: (a) Explain what density is and how to calculate it. (b) Using the density formula, determine which material has the highest density considering the following mass and volume values: wood (mass 400 g, volume 500 cm³), plastic (mass 350 g, volume 600 cm³), iron (mass 1000 g, volume 130 cm³), and styrofoam (mass 50 g, volume 800 cm³). (c) Based on the concept of density and the calculated values, indicate which objects will float or sink in water.
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A huge stone was discovered at the bottom of the river and the diver needs to calculate its density before removing it to ensure safety in the process. The stone has an irregular shape and cannot be directly measured. The diver collected important information: the stone displaced 400 liters of water and its mass is 1200 kg. Based on this information, answer: a) Determine the density of the stone. b) Knowing that the density of water is 1 g/mL, would this stone float or sink in water and why? c) If the water in the river was replaced by a liquid with a density of 0.8 g/mL, what would happen to the stone? Justify your answer using density concepts.
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Source: UNESP
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During a visit to a renowned Chemistry research laboratory, you, as a second-year high school student, had the opportunity to observe an experiment involving the dilution of a sample of hydrochloric acid (HCl). The researchers initially had an HCl solution with a concentration of 12 mol/L and, for the experiment, they needed a solution with a concentration of 3 mol/L. Considering that the researchers had a volume of 500 mL of the initial solution, what would be the appropriate procedures to obtain the desired solution and what would be the final volume of the solution after dilution?
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